Paint Color Forecast 2022 – Favorable Shades That Are Likely to Trend

Article paraphrased from Cyndy Aldred, Better Homes & Gardens

Inviting colors that bring about warmth and comfort are expected to be the most popular paint shades for 2022. From neutrals, to greens, to blues. Experts expect that there will be an emphasis on natural earth tones. 


  1. Warm Undertones

Consumers are starting to move away from cool, white undertones towards more warm comfort shades. 

Natural materials are starting to become increasingly popular in new construction. Such as natural stone, brick, and wood. 


Paint Color: Tallow, Farrow & Ball 


  1. Restorative Greens


Global events are believed to be a determining factor in the shades consumers gravitate towards according to color experts. Paint manufacturers analyze trends and other societal influences to form color forecasts. 


For 2022, research has suggested that restorative colors, especially those reminiscent of nature, will be popular due to their calming effect. Be on the lookout for green hues.

 Paint Color: Bancha, Farrow & Ball


  1. Organic Earth Tones

Brown undertones, reflective of Earth’s foundation, will be the leading trend for 2022. Different saturated brown colors mixed with creamy whites will create beautiful shades that will bring attention to walls and details. 


Wall Paint Color: Broccoli Brown, Farrow & Ball


  1. Blues as Neutrals

Blue has continued to show up in paint forecasts and trends for the past decade, and many designers believe it is here to stay. 

Blues can be used as a neutral color if it has gray undertones and will blend in seamlessly with other neutral shades.



Paint Color: Lulworth Blue, Farrow & Ball


  1. Tempting Taupes

As trends move away from the grays and towards warmer tones, we see a shift from true gray to shades of taupe. Taupes can have undertones similar to earth tones, such as slight green or reddish. 

Door Paint Color: Joa’s White, Farrow & Ball


  1. Moody Charcoals

The darkest hues of gray will continue to resonate with consumers. Charcoal paint colors can vary from warm to cool undertones and pair well with surrounding shades. 


Paint color: Graphic Charcoal, Behr

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