Mortgage Assistance during COVID-19

Check this out .. the Federal Housing Finance Agency now has a mortgage assistance program to help homeowners whose income has been impacted by COVID-19. Here’s what I learned on their website: If your ability to pay your mortgage is […]

Wednesday’s Market Watch

Check out today’s 24-hour market watch for Pasadena and Altadena. Seven new listings .. four homes withdrawn from the market but of those four, three had been on the market for over 130 days.

2020 Market Predictions

Housing Market 2020 Predictions After a cooling-off period in 2019, home prices regained momentum and are expected to further increase in 2020. How much? A cohort of economists at the National Association of Realtors Forecast Summit predicts a 3.6 percent […]

2019 Housing Market Forecast

CALIFORNIA Inventory Improving, Affordability Deteriorating High home prices and eroding affordability is expected to cut into housing demand and contribute to a weaker housing market in 2019, and the volume of homes sold in 2018 will register lower for the […]