Monday Market Stats September 18

Buyers and sellers’ sentiments remained virtually unchanged in August as housing market participants wait for more signals on what the Fed’s next move will be in the upcoming FOMC meeting. With the economy looking stronger than what was anticipated six months ago, interest rates will remain elevated for a little longer. Consumers could be tapped out, however, as costs of borrowing continue to rise, and their financial conditions begin to tighten up. As such, the economy will likely show more signs of slowing later this year and the Central Bank will have no choice but to cut rates starting in the first quarter of 2024. Mortgage rates will decline starting in the fourth quarter of this year and will further improve next year. The decline will likely be gradual though.

Pasadena, CA

Mon Sep 18 2023
This week the median list price for a single family home in Pasadena, CA is $1,462,000 with the market action index hovering around 54. This is about the same as last month’s market action index of 54. Inventory has increased to 90.

Market Action Index

This answers “How’s the Market?” by comparing rate of sales versus inventory.

The market has started cooling and prices have been flat for several weeks. Since we’re in the Seller’s zone, watch for changes in market action index (MAI). If the MAI resumes its climb, prices will likely follow suit. If the MAI drops consistently or falls into the Buyer’s zone, watch for downward pressure on prices.


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