Budget-Friendly Home-Buying and Moving Tips for Pasadena, CA Parents

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Budget-Friendly Home-Buying and Moving Tips for Pasadena, CA Parents

Guest article provided by Emily Graham

Purchasing a home and moving is typically challenging, as well as expensive. If you’re a Pasadena, CA parent looking to keep the cost down, here are some budget-friendly home-buying and moving tips that can help, presented by Realtor Kathy Gibson.

Budget-Friendly Home-Buying Tips for Pasadena, CA Parents

Don’t Assume That Your Pre-Approval Amount is Affordable

When you get pre-approved for a mortgage, it’s easy to assume that the amount you’re allowed to borrow should be affordable. In reality, a pre-approval doesn’t mean the payment that comes with that loan aligns with your budget. It doesn’t include certain costs that come with buying a home, including homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, maintenance expenses, and other costs.

Don’t default to the pre-approved amount if you need to make a budget-friendly home purchase. Instead, break down all of the costs that come with the new home, allowing you to determine what you can genuinely afford. Then, use that as a guide.

Know Your Priorities

In some cases, getting everything you want in a home isn’t going to align with your budget. By knowing your priorities, you can focus on homes that address your actual needs first.

When you outline your priorities, be honest about what’s a genuine need and what’s actually a want. Your needs should only include features you can’t live without, while everything else should be a want instead.

Once you’ve done that, order your needs and wants based on desirability. Again, this helps you get a clear target for your home search, making it easier to work within a budget.

Moving Tips and Tricks for Pasadena, CA Parents

Encourage Thoughtful Decluttering

Paring down belongings when you move can make relocating more affordable. For example, you may be able to use fewer boxes or a smaller truck, potentially saving you a bundle. The problem is, decluttering isn’t always easy for kids, particularly if they’re anxious about the move. Thankfully, you can make it easier by using the right approach.

Give your children two boxes, one labeled “keep” and the other labeled “donate.” Discuss how it’s okay to keep their favorite items as you prepare to move, reassuring them that they don’t need to ditch anything that makes them happy. Then, talk about how toys, games, or other items that are in usable condition can help children in need. By getting them excited about doing good as they declutter, they may have an easier time scaling down.

Enlist Help from Friends and Family

Packing can be stressful, particularly for younger children. If you want to make the process easier on both you and your kids, see if family members or friends can help out by taking your kids to do a fun activity. That way, you can focus on boxing up your stuff.

As a bonus, your children can participate in a stress-reducing activity, making the move easier on them. Plus, family members and friends can talk about all of the positive things that will come from the move. They’ll act as an outside positive influence, increasing the odds that your kids will be excited about what’s to come instead of nervous.

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