"My wife Alison and I are happy & eager to recommend Kathy Gibson as our Realtor! We are so appreciative and content with our new first home! We made a smart move in selecting and approaching Kathy. She is really good at helping first time homebuyers navigate the whole process. We were a couple that were buying at a lower price range than some of her other sales and purchases, but she took us on gladly, and was extremely available in the search process, open house visits, tours, and then the bidding, negotiations, inspections, and escrow process! The company behind Kathy, Compass, has a a great search network for houses with MLS listings that are available before the homes show up on other places, and so the perks of Compass are a boon. We had the impression and were correct that Kathy is a seasoned professional, she’s extremely well-networked in the real estate market, and home renovation worlds. She’s like an industry insider with connections to the right Home Inspectors, Electricians, Pest Control workers, even Glass Workers who work on fancy doors and windows. She was timely in her communication with us. Kathy advocated for us in the purchase negotiations, was a seasoned advisor to us, and very supportive. I remember as we started the exploratory process with her that she gently warned us that we would need “thick skin” as we seek to find a home in today’s market, look to buy it, and sometimes it gets snatched up by others before our very eyes. And so she was gracious, but also a truth teller. We feel very blessed and are grateful for her help in obtaining a lovely first home!"