"I have recommended Kathy Gibson freely (maybe even obnoxiously) to anyone I meet who needs a realtor in our area. Too often I have watched other people struggle with their realtors or think such "service" is the norm: realtors don't return phone calls, lack negotiation skills, are lackadaisical in pursuit of their clients' interests, or myriad other problems. I gently remind them that I know someone who will work tirelessly on their behalf and do so with professionalism and grace. And Kathy is professional in the best sense of the term: She knows her stuff and puts it at the service of her clients. She clearly loves what she does; she not only enjoys people but also understands real estate inside and out. House buying and selling remains one of the most anxiety-producing experiences of one's life. I cannot think of a better companion and guide through the sometimes harrowing surprises, difficult discussions, and of course piles of paperwork than Kathy Gibson. We leaned on her throughout the process and could not be more pleased, as was everyone to whom we recommended her. If one has to run the realty buying/selling gauntlet, I would run it with her by my side every time."